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Subscriptions provide Sound American Publications with a lot of the upfront funding we need to put out our books and recordings, as well as pay the honoraria and overhead costs for each issue of the online journal.


At the end of this year, Sound American, will be going through some special changes (growing up if you will), and the support of new and continuing subscribers will be the foundation for the publication to reach this new stage of maturity.


Here’s how it works:


When you subscribe, you are paying up front for this year’s releases. Your copies of all items will be mailed about the same time the general public is being allowed to place their pre-order! You will also receive some perks like first looks at new issues, special free downloads of special content, and early invitations to a new series of live performances and talks taking place in and around New York this year.


You pay once and then sit back and wait for your goodies to arrive.


This year’s releases are very exciting with the continuation of two series that were wildly popular in 2017 and a brand new recording that shines a new light on one of the legends of American free jazz. We will also be releasing, in many cases for the very first time, the original New World Radio podcasts from the project that spawned Sound American six years ago. As a subscriber, you’ll receive downloads of the entire collection for free!


With a 2018 SA Subscription you will receive:


SA005: Sound American Volume 2: Issues 4-7 featuring the best of the What Is American Music, Philadelphia, Makers, and Deep Listening Issues alongside brand-new commissioned pieces by Peter Margasak, Laetitia Sonami, and Seth Cluett.


SA006: Joe McPhee Speaks LP – A legend of the American avant-garde as you’ve never heard him. In close artistic collaboration with Chicago curator John Corbett, multi-instrumentalist, poet, and composer Joe McPhee tells the stories of his life in this one of a kind LP. Recorded especially for Sound American McPhee recalls stories of his relationships with John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, and others in this intimate recording of a conversation between friends. The LP also features short excerpts from unheard early archival recordings.


SA007: New American Songbooks Volume 2 – A follow up to the immediate success of 2017’s Volume 1 featuring Mary Halvorson, Ron Miles, and Greg Saunier. On this LP we’ve asked four diverse and wildly fascinating pianists to prepare special solo versions of the music they would pick for inclusion in the American Songbook. Featuring Kris Davis, Matt Mitchell, Aruán Ortiz, and Matthew Shipp!


A free download of the complete New World Radio podcasts featuring conversations with Evan Parker, Anthony Coleman, Ken Vandermark, Annie Gosfield, Tom Johnson and more!

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