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All proceeds from purchases here go directly to our contributors in the form of honoraria for their especial work for Sound American. We've done our best to price our very limited edition recordings, books and pamphlets for accessibility. Consider it your NPR tote bag for supporting the work we do at SA! If you feel like you don't need such crude commercial prodding, please feel free to visit our donate page and give freely and from the center of your happy little heart. Sound American Volume 1 and Astral Spirits' Sound American: The Cassette Issue are SOLD OUT. There will be a second edition of SA Vol 1 in 2018, but the cassette will not be reissued. It is worth noting that everything in the shop is also close to being out of print, with fewer than 100 copies remaining for each item, so get them now!

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New American Songbooks Vol 1 LP

This debut LP by three radical American artists updates the time-worn concept of the American Songbook. Greg Saunier of Deerhoof joins two burgeoning legends of American experimental jazz: Ron Miles and Mary Halvorson to redefine American music outside of Tin Pan Alley. The result is an astounding new take on music by Fiona Apple, Elliott Smith, John Williams, James P. Johnson, and others. Greg Saunier is best known for his brilliant and mind-bending drumming in his band Deerhoof. Mary Halvorson, still in her 30s, is being hailed as a significant new voice in experimental modern jazz while working with legends such as John Zorn and Anthony Braxton. Ron Miles’s lyrical and folksy cornet playing with Bill Frisell and Joshua Redman has made him a unique voice in straight-ahead jazz circles.

Alex Mincek: Torrent CD

Torrent is the first recording of Mincek’s music since his 2011 self-titled debut on Carrier Records and launches Sound American’s Young Composer Portrait (YCP) series, which introduces emerging artists by releasing music from the span of their career alongside a series of interviews and essays that contextualize the ways in which their history, aesthetic, and sound thinking have informed their work to date. Torrent is being released as a deluxe art object meant to give the listener a multivalent overview of Mincek’s history, aesthetic, and impact on the contemporary music world. The disc comes in a beautiful hardcover book-like case along with 28 pages of notes including the composer’s conversation with Sound American Editor and experimental trumpeter Nate Wooley and in-depth interviews with musicians working closely with Mincek, including Ian Antonio, Eric Wubbels, and Josh Modney.

The Widow's Joy LP

Produced in conjunction with Ian Nagoski's Canary Records Label and the mighty Mississippi Records of Portland, Oregon, SA entered the recording world with this very special limited edition of lost 78 rpm recordings of the songs of Eastern European Immigrant party music! With a special cover by Mississippi's Eric Isaacson and a corresponding book of research by Ian Nagoski at his most raconteurish, this is an incredible insight into what the hard scrabble, hard working, just generally hard immigrants of the mining country of the early 20th century listened to when blowing off steam. A true party record!

New/Rediscovered Musical Instruments

A much needed reprint of the seminal pamphlet produced by David Toop, Max Eastley, Hugh Davies, Evan Parker, and Paul Lytton in the 1970s. This strange booklet contains diagrams, schematics, pictures, and descriptions of some of the home made instruments of a small group of experimental musicians in the UK during that period. It is a document of a very special time in the history of European improvisation and conceptual music.