We are very pleased to be able to offer a reprint of the 1974 booklet, New/Rediscovered Instruments Volume 1, available exclusively through Sound American. This 28 page broadside was originally published by Quartz/Mirliton in London and features photos, descriptions and diagrams of homemade instruments made by Hugh Davies, Paul Burwell, Max Eastley, Evan Parker, Paul Lytton, and David Toop. Almost impossible to find now, the participants gave Sound American permission to do a very small reprint of the original, limited to 200 copies.

To celebrate the release of the reprinting, we are offering some one time only bundles combining DRAM subscriptions, New/Rediscovered Musical Instruments, our LP Widow's Joy, and some of our favorite past subscriber gifts. See below for some of the great deals, and help us "keep the lights on", as they say on the internet.




Option 1: Buy a copy of New/Rediscovered Instruments Volume 1, a limited edition reprint available exclusively from Sound American! (preorders are shipped on September 20th)


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Option 2: Buy a copy of Sound American's first LP release, The Widow's Joy, curated by the great Ian Nagoski and featuring unheard Eastern European Immigrant music from the beginning of the 20th century!
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Option 3: Get both the booklet and the LP for a special Issue 6 bundle price!
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Option 4: SA Supporter! For a 50.00 donation, you receive a 3 month unlimited subscription to DRAM, the booklet, LP, and one past subscriber gifts with our thanks!
Option 5: SA Super Supporter! For a 75.00 donation, you receive a 6 month unlimited subscription to DRAM, the booklet, LP, and two past subscriber gifts with our extra special thanks!
Option 6: SA Super Duper Supporter! For a 150.00 donation, you receive a full year of unlimited DRAM access, the booklet, LP, three past subscriber gifts, and a hand written card from editor Nate Wooley telling you that you are wonderful and attractive.
Please also visit our subscription page if you are just interested in subscribing to DRAM. All the proceeds from those individual subscriptions go to helping out Sound American and you will still receive subscriber gifts for each issue of Sound American!