A Field Full of Rabbit Holes

As stated in the opening to this issue, the breadth of the people working with just intonation is simply too much to cover in one issue. In this issue, we’ve presented a sort of cross-section of composers using some form of the superparticular ratio system found in just intonation, prioritized on the radically different ways they’ve thought of JI as a tool to create highly personalized music.


However, the contributors to this issue, in no way, represent the only artists working with just intonation to create radical and beautiful work. Below, is a series of thumbnail portraits of those composers that were overlooked due to the constraint of space or the editor’s decision. Each box/link contains a one or two sentence synopsis of the composer’s work and importance in the just intonation community, but the real power of this page is found in the embedded links. Click on the box and find out more about the composer, visit their site, and listen to their music.


Consider this a field full of intonation rabbit holes for your diving pleasure.