Editor's Note

Welcome to Issue One of Sound American! There is a simple process that will inform each issue of Sound American. First we take a simple idea or concept - perhaps a specific part of a composer’s work or a trope that exists in multiple artistic and musical configurations – and then we make connections to topics directly or intuitively related. It is our hope that this way of working will give a feeling of depth to each issue as well as inspiring you, the reader, to search out new ways of experiencing music. We are very proud to feature the contributions of one of our favorite novelists, Rick Moody in this inaugural release. Rick, inside and outside of his writing, is a proselytizer for experimental and folk music forms. He's worked with DRAM - and specifically with the Ben Hall Gospel Archive* - since we received the first recordings, and was kind enough to provide us with an insightful and personal recollection of his early experiences with gospel music in his essay, Gospel for Beginners. That would be more than enough from a man with Rick’s pedigree, but he also shared some of his own favorite music (among which is a surprising propensity for the long form and minimalism) for the precursor to The Listeners series (which we will begin to feature in SA13). Welcome to our first issue. We hope you enjoy it. We hope it makes you think and want to think. We hope it helps you to love music even more. That’s all we hope