Donate to Sound American!

When our editor sends out emails and make phone calls to ask for participation in a new issue of Sound American, the same phrase appears near the tail-end; the part that spells out deadlines, expectations, promises and the all-important fee structure. It reads: "I am working on slightly less than a shoestring of a budget and therefore..." We have been very lucky to have some of the most interesting and brilliant minds in music, film, literature, and art agree to contribute their ideas to the journal for remuneration that is, frankly, embarrassing. One of the first orders of business in the expansion and qualitative upgrade to SA is to rectify this problem, and your help is needed. We've tried very hard in the past to not call upon our readership too much for contributions as it's been part of the mission to make information as free and detached from economics as possible. However, it is now time to begin gently asking for donations, purchases, and any such ways of providing us the funds to provide our contributors with a fee that is commensurate with the expertise, time, patience, and love that goes into each article. Our mothers taught us that it is not nice to just ask for handouts without providing something in return and since our editor is too busy to come mow your lawn or do your laundry, we're offering a couple of (shudder) "incentives" to thank you for donating to, what we think of as, a very worthy cause. All contributions are, of course, tax deductible and we will provide a receipt of payment for your records, as well as a hand-written card from our editor thanking you for not making him come and do housework.

25.00 "Casual Acquaintance"

Our most reasonable donation level. This is like seeing each other on the street and stopping to bullshit for a minute, remembering the names of each other's partner and showing genuine concern over lost employment. We would probably seek each other out at a wedding or work function where we didn't know anyone else. Not bad at all. At the casual acquaintance level you will receive a copy of our New/Rediscovered Musical Instruments reprint and a printed form letter thanking you for your support and only just suitable for framing.

50.00 "We Used To Date"

A bit more commitment here. We shared some good times, and probably know things about each other we would prefer didn't get out into the general population. We will always remember each other fondly. At the we used to date level you will receive a copy of our The Widow's Joy LP and a cat-themed thank you card thanking you for your support and suitable for putting in your memory box.

100.00 "Besties"

This may not last forever, but for right now we're all that we need. We could easily do a ten day roadtrip and still be best buds at the end. I could buy a book for you and find out it's something you already read three times and loved. At the besties level you will receive a copy of our The Widow's Joy LP, New/Rediscovered Musical Instruments reprint and a post-it telling you to help yourself to whatever's in the fridge.

200.00 "Don't Ever Leave"

The Derridean essential friend. If you die or leave before me, you will leave a hole in my existence within which a medium sized semi-professional circus could perform 8 shows a week. At the don't ever leave level you will receive all of the above, one or two unopened CDs we have on our desk, a handwritten note from our editor, and will have your name printed with thanks in the next issue.