SA21: The Just Intonation Issue

Western music is at a moment of equal temperament ascendancy. We are trained to hear 12 evenly spaced half steps per octave and the harmonies that result from this system are deemed "normal" and "correct to our 21st century ears. There are other ways of building musical harmony, however, and one of the earliest and purest is just intonation.


Just intonation, very simply put, is the process of choosing pitches based on superparticular (or whole number ratios). In this issue, you'll find discussion of the history of just intonation, how it works, how to compose using it, and how different composers from Harry Partch and Lou Harrison to Taylor Brook and Catherine Lamb use the concept as a basis for radical new voices in musical composition.



Sound American Publications

Originally recorded as an interview with Corbett vs. Dempsey’s John Corbett over two days at Chicago’s Experimental Sound Studio, One Day...A Lightning Storm is a profound documentation of one artist’s path through discovering their voice while negotiating one of the most profoundly disturbing periods in American history. Joe’s stories remind us of the joy of self-discovery and give insight to a true American master.


This very special limited edition release features excerpts from Joe’s conversation with John Corbett and is accompanied by the complete interview in a beautifully designed 20 page booklet. It’s release coincides with the Blank Forms celebration of Joe’s career.